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Non Toxic

Plants, are pure Yang objects in the world. While burning, they can sterilize your home, remove odors, and leave a light natural fragrance. It can exorcise evil, improve magnetic field, and relieve your physical and mental fatigue.


By using pure and non-polluted water, natural herbs, and together with the wisdom of painstaking efforts of the ancients, we make full use of the natural energy of plants, and present to you the purest and most primitive side of the universe.


We insist on using 100% pure natural raw materials, 0% chemical additives, and 0% artificial essence. Through the hands of the craftsman, preserving the beauty, and reserving the purity, so that our descendants can have the closest contact with the nature in this ferroconcrete world.

About Us

In Luo Han Tang, we insist on using natural raw materials to create natural, non-additive, and pollution-free healthy incenses to get rid of chemical incenses so that indoor air can be purified and the environment for descendants can be reserved. We hope to do our best to carry on the culture of Way of Icense from generation to generation.

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