Sandalwood and Artemisia Argyi (Wormwood) Incense Sticks

Aroma :


Scent Intensity: Mellow, herbs aroma

Length: 21cm

Weight: 60g

Quantity: about 140’s

Burning time: around 40 minutes
(the burning time will be affected by various factors)

Suitable Occasions:
Religion ( Offering, worshiping ancestors and gods )
Leisure (mosquitoes repellent, air purifier, for health purposes, for elderly insomnia)

joss stick

A unique blend of premium grade Tibetan wormwood, Sichuan rhubarb, and sandalwood. It’s scent of herbs are obvious. It is mellow and gentle.

This product help to calm the nerves, repel mosquitoes, purifies the air, and promoting blood circulation at the same time.

Suitable to use in a small space such as study room and office. A superb product to use for both religion and leisure. Choose it if you are looking for a combination of health and religion.

joss stick
joss stick

Suitable for:

1)People who like the fragrance of wormwood

2)Families with bronchial sensitive, or weaker physique family members

3)People who like relatively strong fragrance

4)People who want to burn incense, repel mosquitoes and preserve health at the same time

5)People with cold hands and feet and poor blood circulation

6)It is suitable for the elderly and children at home and pregnant women over three months

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