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When wormwood is burned, it emits a very unique aroma, and this aroma is the smell that mosquitoes hate. Therefore, when the concentration of wormwood reaches a certain level, it can effectively repel mosquitoes.

According to different spaces, choose different wormwood products, and then follow our instruction to ignite them to achieve the effect of repelling mosquitoes. You can explain to our customer service where you want to repel mosquitoes, and the customer will provide you with the correct method.

No, because the wormwood series are made of pure plants, not drugs, so there will be no problem of addiction.

It will take effect immediately, as long as it is lit, the concentration of the aroma of wormwood will be able to repel mosquitoes when it reaches a certain level.

As long as it is used correctly according to the method we provide, basically there will be no side effects.

The wormwood series uses pure plants. As long as it is used correctly, it is not only harmless to the body, but also can promote blood circulation and purify the air.

Yes, but be sure to keep it well ventilated. And use in moderation. Please adjust the burning time according to the size of the space.

The wormwood series can help drive away: cockroaches, mice, and can also remove odors, purify the air, and effectively sterilize.