About Us

Do you know what kind of changes an incense can bring to your life?

Reasons for choosing Taiping:

In 2016, we established Luo Han Tang in Taiping, a place with good mountains and rivers. Many people ask me, why not in a big city? I’d say, compared to the bustling city, I prefer the life with full of freedom. A good incense can convey faraway kind thoughts. I firmly believe that our incense can diffuse to every corner of the earth, so the location of Luo Han Tang is not important.

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Why is it incense?

A few years ago, I went to a century-old temple to offer incense, and I found that they used good incense. I’m very curious, because most temples use incense of poor quality. At that time, a monk told me that to make offerings to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas is to use good incenses. We live in a temple. If we use chemical  incenses, then our body will soon have problems. How can we continue the Buddha’s mission and how to promote the Dharma?

The remarks at that time were like a slam dunk. From that moment on, there was an impulse in my heart to change this situation.

The harm of chemical incenses is far more than monks, and every family that burns incenses, as well as our next generation, as well as our sick earth. . . With such a thought, Luo Han Tang was born. . .

The very beginning of Luo Han Tang.

In 2016, we introduced Taiwan’s pure natural incenses and became the first purely natural incenses specialty store in Malaysia,

Opening up a brand new field in the Malaysian incenses market. Our natural incenses are derived from the natural energy of plants.

Through the hands of a craftsman, the beauty will be preserved, and the pure will continue and carry forward.

In this series of incenses, we insist on using natural raw materials to create healthy fragrances that are additive-free and pollution-free.

We hope that everyone who uses incenses will have the opportunity to contact natural products, stay away from chemical incenses, and make every space It can be purified, so that the environment of our children and grandchildren can be continued…

Bottle Neck

This seemingly beautiful initiative made me understand a very cruel saying: dream and reality are always relative. Dreams are beautiful, reality is cruel. Because in the first year, we faced the dilemma of having supply but no customers.

Malaysian consumers have almost zero knowledge about incenses, and the use of incenses is only for religious purposes. When we saw the misunderstanding of incenses in the market and the goods piled up in the whole warehouse, we were thinking, how to make this good thing out of peace? How to make our incenses benefit more people?

So we went to promote it all over Malaysia, participated in various exhibitions, gave speeches, and enthusiastically wanted to let consumers know how good our natural incenses is!

In this way, year after year passed quietly, and our inces were also covered in dust year after year. . . I thought at that time, forget it! The Malaysian market will not accept our products, so let’s use it ourselves! Anyway, a lifetime is so long, it can be used up!

Turning Point

In the spring of 2018, the biggest turning point in my life appeared. When I was struggling the most, I met Master Ji Cheng. Beautiful encounters are due to tea and incenses.

One day at noon, the master came to the Luo Han Tang and was happy to see our exquisite Buddha statues. Before leaving, he patted my partner on the shoulder and said: young man, very good. There is such a place in Taiping, and it is very good to do such a business.

Such a sentence, as if with magical power, brought back our enthusiasm that had been extinguished. . .

In the same year, we changed our business model, converted the traditional marketing method to online, and started a series of online promotion activities. Online promotion and education make our products appear in people’s sight with a brand-new concept of incense, which has aroused the deep thinking of consumers and subverted people’s perception of incenses.

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The Spirit of Career

When more and more people use your incenses, come back and tell you:

Thank you, because your incenses makes my child no longer have to suffer from allergies;

Thank you for using your incense. Now I sleep soundly every night and I don’t have insomnia anymore. . .

Thank you, because the sick mother said that she can finally breathe freely now

Upon hearing this, I knew that my persistence was right.

This is a blessed career, it can benefit all living beings and achieve their souls that have nowhere to rest.

In the process of promotion, we run counter to most of the products on the market, and the difficulties can hone our mood. This is definitely a platform for self-cultivation.

In fact, doing a career is a kind of practice, not in form. There is no shortage of products in the entire market. What is missing is the soul, what is missing is the attitude, and what is missing is the brand that is truly willing to give up short-term benefits and take root and deposit.

Our Promise

Our produtcs are one of the few companies that have passed Taiwan’s national incenses inspection and certification, and have also passed the Fujian Provincial Fragrance Product Quality Inspection. We have a strong corporate strength, which has been passed down by four generations in 70 years, and the quality of our products is our most solid backing.

What we do is not only incense, but also professionalism and conscience.

100% pure natural, zero chemical addition, zero artificial flavor is our promise.

Luo Han Tang allows you to find a safe corner in the messy incenses market.

Our Vision

Incenses Ceremony is our Chinese culture that has been passed down for thousands of years. I hope that we will do our best to continue all these beautiful little fortunes, so that everyone can feel the taste of happiness. . .

Now friends from all over come to our Luo Han Tang, just to savor the incenss and drink tea with us. Incenses can pull two people who are walking on parallel lines and have no intersection together. I suddenly realized that the incenses is there and the person is there. . .

Your long journey in life, let us Luo Han Tang be with you all the way.

Make a pot of tea, calm my heart.

Burn a furnace of incense , rest my heart.