Our products are from Taiwan.

Our products have been tested and certified by the Professional Smoke Testing Committee of Taiwan. The amount of smoke released by the products was strictly inspected, and our products are certified to have no harmful gases to the human body, so consumers can use it with peace of mind.

We insist on using 100% pure natural raw materials, and insist on not adding chemical ingredients and artificial essence. We insist on handmade, hoping to present 100% of the original fragrance of natural powder.

In traditional worshiping, the usage of incense is relatively large. We advocate health, and hope that everyone has the ability to use the incense that are truly 100% natural. Therefore, our incense makers specialise in the Compendium of Materia Medica and also the incense books that have thousands of years of history. Adding herbs to incense, makes everyone capable of burning incense healthier.

Our joss stick series added Chinese herbal medicines in the right proportion for a perfect formula to make our joss stick releases a natural and comfortable fragrance when it burns. Since we choose high-grade Chinese herbal medicine, it has the effect of soothing the nervousness of the human body. Our company’s objective is to make the price more affordable so that everyone can afford natural incenses.

Sandalwood mainly refreshes the mind, relaxes mental pressure, and makes people feel happy. Agarwood mainly helps to focus and calm, relieve irritable mood and improve quality of sleep.

We make using 100% pure natural raw materials, without adding any chemical substances or artificial essences. Therefore, if you are allergic to general inferior chemical incenses, our incenses will definitely help you.

It can be used by children and the elderly. We recommend pregnant women who pregnant below 3 months to not use any incenses, because everyone’s physical fitness is different.

Generally, the main reason for the blackening of walls is that the amount of use is relatively large, and the temperature of the smoke fire head is too high, or it is relatively inferior and contains chemical additives. Our products are made of 100% pure natural raw materials, and the proportion of ingredients is strictly controlled. Therefore, it is rare to see blackening of walls with the amount of daily incense burning at home. For situations such as temples, chapels, etc. that burns a lot of incense, please pay attention to the daily ventilation, and it will effectively delay the probability of yellowing the walls.

Yes, but take note of the size of the space to determine the length of the burning time. For example, for air-conditioned bedroom, it may be 15 minutes, and for office with larger space, it can be 2 hours and it is fine.