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Aquilaria Qi Nan Sink – Top Grade Agarwood Coil Incense



Aquilaria Qi Nan Sink – Top Grade Agarwood Coil Incense


Fragrance Thickness: Cool and Sweet Aroma, Mellow Layering, Rich Flavor, every time you light it, you have a different feeling

Quantity: 10’pcs

Specifications: 5-5.5cm

Burning time: about 1.5 – 2hrs

Suitable Occasion:

Religion (for Buddha, Gods, and Ancestors are suitable)

Leisure (Purify the Air, Remove Odors, Relax the Body and Mind, Relieve Stress)

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Qi Nan, the best of incense, is a non-reproduced resource for mankind.

Aquilaria Qi Nan Sink-Grade agarwood is the top incense. There is not much left, and it is extremely precious because it cannot be reproduced.

The scent of wild Qi Nan is indescribable. It is natural, thick, and sweet, and its richly layered scent is unmatched by any essence of precious perfume. It is very rare and precious, and therefore there is a saying that you must have cultivated good karma for three lives, only that you have the chance to smell the Qi Nan scent of this life.

Qi Nan is known as the “king of incense” and “sacred object of incense”, naturally it is much higher than agarwood in rank. Qi Nan is not only a precious medicine but also a holy product for health preservation. The fragrance of the product can refresh the brain and calm the nerves, purify the body and mind, sleep, relieve mental stress, and purify the body’s aura.

Once burned, a strong and powerful sweet scent quickly diffuses in the air, sweet, cool, and rich. This is the feeling of first smelling the Qi Nan. An indescribable fragrance of distant flowers and plants. It is extremely beautiful and elegant, which makes people unable to ignore her existence, and it is not an exaggeration to even say that everyone’s attention is shifted to her fragrance.

After the initial sweetness, what followed was frankincense, the scent flowed straight from the nose to the forehead, and then returned to the throat, a refreshing sensation of coolness, which shocked people’s minds. The rich layering of aromas, with the charm of flower, fruit, honey, and frankincense, complex and changeable, not only the aroma felt at a distance, but also every time it is burned, you will find its sparks a different scent each time you light it….

joss stick
joss stick

Suitable for :

1)Patients with G6PD at home

2)People who want to know the real Qi Nan Agarwood

3)Incense Enthusiast

4)There are elderly and children at home, suitable for pregnant women over three months