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India Sandalwood Mixed Agarwood and Herbs Joss Stick (without bamboo core)



India Sandalwood Mixed Agarwood and Herbs Joss Stick (without bamboo core)


Length: 32cm

Weight: 400g

Diameter: 2.5mm

Quantity: about 320’s

Scent Intensity: Between Medium to Strong

Burning time: around 1.5 hrs
(the burning time will be affected by various factors)

Suitable Occasion:
Religion (Offering, Worshiping Ancestors and Gods)
Leisure (Air Purifier, Relaxing)

How to use:
Can be inserted into the incense burner, the depth does not exceed 3cm,
and it can be completely burned.
You can also choose to lie flat (lying incense method) to burn

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joss stick

When the old Indian sandalwood meets the old Vietnam agarwood, what kind of sparks will it spark?

It is meticulously made using a unique formula on the market which perfectly combines the sandalwood and agarwood and supplemented with more than 30 other Chinese herbal medicines such as anise, cumin, acanthopanax root bark, angelica, etc. The fresh and unique fragrance allows you to experience the wonderful fragrance of nature closely. The formula consisting of various herbs, sandalwood, and agarwood is very effective at sterilizing your home, purifying the air, and achieving a certain health preservation effect.

The unique fragrance of Indian Sandalwood Mixed Agarwood brings people joy, and its moderate shade natural fragrance makes people feel like bathing in the spring wind, full of vitality. It is definitely an incense product that won’t make people feel greasy to smell.

It is a meticulously researched formula accomplished after many improvements and enhancements which allows all the fragrances to be played to its limit in one incense. If I could describe the Indian Sandalwood Mixed Agarwood in one word, I would say: stunning.

joss stick
joss stick

Suitable for:

1) People who like natural fragrances and enjoy the moment of burning incense

2) People who want to remove the odor in the home, and improve, enhance the magnetic field

3) Looking to a long burning period core-less sticks for either religion or leisure purpose