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Cone-shaped Incense Australian Sandalwood 01
Cone-shaped Incense Australian Sandalwood



Cone-shaped Incense Australian Sandalwood


Weight: 250g

Quantity: about 100 pieces

Burning time: about 15 minutes

Ingredients: Aged Australia Sandalwood

joss stick

This product is made of Aged Australia Sandalwood and has a refreshing aroma, light milky scent. The aroma is gentle and elegant, not choking.

Sandalwood has anti-spasm and strengthening functions to the body, which can bring relaxation and pleasant feelings.

It also helps to sterilize and remove dirt, purify the air, and remove odors in the house.

Cone-shaped incense is very popular these days because of it’s size. You may use it as religious incense and also leisure. Light a piece and enjoy the aroma after a long day work to destressed your body and mind…

joss stick
joss stick

Suitable for :

1)Those looking for shorter burning time

2)Looking for incense which won’t take up space

3)People who want to incense and refresh (it is not advisable to burn sandalwood for a long time 1 hour before going to bed)

4)It is suitable for the elderly and children at home

5 )Not advise for pregnant women under three months