Jawa Agarwood Joss Sticks

Aroma :


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Fragrance Thickness: Mellow Woody Scent

Weight: 500g

Length: 32cm, 39cm

Quantity: 500’s, 400’s

Burning time: about 30 minutes, 45minutes

Suitable Occasion: Offering, Worshiping Ancestors and Gods

joss stick

Jawa agarwood is a new agarwood that has emerged in the past two years. It is still relatively unknown on the market.

It exudes a mellow woody aroma, which gives people a calm feeling.

It is not as explosive as Malay Agarwood. The natural woody fragrance of Jawa Agarwood can slowly relax your body, soothe your tense brain, and wash away the stress of the day and gives you a good night’s sleep.

joss stick
joss stick

Suitable for:

1)People who like agarwood

2)Families with G6PD patients

3)People who wish to burn incense and at the same time soothing the nerves and preserving health

5)Suitable for families with elders, children, and pregnant women over three months

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