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August White Jasmine Joss Sticks (Floral Series)



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August White Jasmine Joss Sticks (Floral Series)


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Fragrance Thickness: Thick

Weight: 500g

Length: 32cm, 39cm

Quantity: 550’s, 450’s

Burning time: about 30 minutes, 45minutes

Suitable Occasion: Offering, Worshiping Ancestors and Gods

joss stick

When you see “jasmine fragrance”, your first thought would think of a strong, pungent, and nauseous fragrance right?

Our floral series just don’t have these because what we have is a natural and elegant fragrance. We have always insisted on rejecting artificial essences and chemical additions.

Jasmine has the effect of gladdening people’s hearts. The white jade flowers, with a leisurely and elegant fragrance, make people seem to smell the breath of spring. Other than just being used for tea, jasmine can also be used for incense.

Our incense maker grinds jasmine into powder, matches it with Australian sandalwood and 14 kinds of herbs, then completely retains the fragrance of jasmine, and then blooms it in your home.

The faint natural fragrance lingers on the tip of the nose, and the jasmine fragrance has the effect of dispelling melancholy and eliminating stagnation, therefore when we come into contact with the fragrance of jasmine, endorphins will be produced, which makes people feel relaxed and happy. So, smelling the fragrance of jasmine more will help to relieve stress and relax the mood.

Lighting a jasmine incense after work can effectively relieve mental fatigue. The volatile oil containing sandalwood and other aromatic plants can also help sterilize, purify the air, remove peculiar smells in the home, and leave a faint fragrance. As a shrewd consumer, how can you miss this product with affordable price and fragrance made of unique formula?

joss stick
joss stick

Suitable for:

1)People who like floral fragrance

2)People who are looking for affordable incense

3)People who like relatively strong fragrance

4)People who are depressed and worried

5)Suitable for families with elders, children, and pregnant women over three months