Blackwood Incense Box – Floral Series

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Length: about 23.5cm

Style: about 3.6cm

Height: about 2cm

Material: Blackwood

joss stick

This is a very elegant incense box made of blackwood in 2 styles, each of which makes people love it.

Blackwood is hard, luster, and delicate. It is a good mahogany material. The wood of sandalwood is hard, non-toxic, fragrant, and long-lasting, so it is considered a mascot that can ward off evil spirits. Ebony wood has always been beloved by many dignitaries in ancient my country, and it is often worn as ornaments or as items in townhouses for safety and auspiciousness.

The wood itself exudes a very elegant wood fragrance, which will not affect the burning fragrance at all. In addition, the design is not elegant, so it is the champion of incense box sales.

This incense box is equipped with fireproof cotton, which can be burned directly after the incense is burnt. Clean, stylish, and easy to carry. There are 2 styles to choose from, each one is exquisite and delicate, there must be one suitable for you.

joss stick
joss stick

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