Which is better? Sandalwood or Agarwood?

How much do you know about China’s four famous incense: agarwood, sandalwood, ambergris and musk?

As the four famous incense, agarwood and sandalwood are often compared. Especially in our industry, every day, customers ask us which is better.

Before we compare, you can also refer to a previous article I wrote about the7 differences between agarwood and sandalwood.

Well, let us analyze Agarwood and Sandalwood today!

1. The scent of agarwood and sandalwood

Agarwood belongs to secret scent. Then what does secret scent means?

The agarwood tree itself has no scent.It heals itself and scars after injury and disease and hence is mixed with oil and wood, and it must be burned at high temperature to have its scent.

Agarwood from different production areas will bring you different olfactory enjoyment when lit. For example, agarwood from Nha Trang, Vietnam, has a very sweet scent. Scent is divided into: pre, mid and post scent. Pre-scent is cool, astringent, mid-scent is sweet, and post-scent is elegant.

The scent is like the scent of a freshly cut fruits, with a slight coolness which struck through the throat, making you comfortable all over. The scent of agarwood is rich in layers, and the scent is soft and gentle. This is also one of the reasons why people cannot extricate themselves from indulging in the world of agarwood.


While sandalwood has a congenital scent, and after reaching a certain tree-age, it will secrete scented glandular lipids and scent, therefore the whole tree will have scent, and it is a veritable scent wood.

The scent of sandalwood is overflowing with enthusiasm, and the obvious and inornate scent spreads quickly after being ignited, making people immersed in the overflowing scent all the time. The scent of sandalwood is sweet, with a slight milky scent, but it lacks of layering, and is relatively monotonous.The scent of sandalwood is sweet, with mild milky scent, but lack of layer, and simpler.

Aged Australia Sandalwood

Conclusion of the Scent

Agarwood is elegant and has no feeling of greasy to smell. It can calm down and soothe emotions, suitable for long-term use;

Sandalwood is rich and tangy, obvious and easy to smell. Although it also has a calming and soothing effect, long-term use has a certain stimulating effect to the body.

2. The medical use of agarwood and sandalwood

In traditional Chinese medicine, sandalwood and agarwood still have something in common in medicinal use. Both of them have pungent taste, warm, and belong to the spleen meridian and stomach meridian. Both have the effect of circulating Qi and relieving pain.

Compendium of Materia Medica” recorded: Agarwood has a strong antibacterial effect, the scent will enter the spleen, clears the mind and regulates the Qi, replenishes the five internal organs, relieves cough and reduces phlegm, warms the stomach and spleen, circulates Qi and relieves pain, and can be used as medicine. It is the best first-class medicinal material.

Vietnam Sink-Grade Agarwood Incense Stick

Medicinal Conclusion

Agarwood is use to relieve pain, relax muscles, and resist high blood pressure. In terms of calming the mind, the effectiveness of agarwood is obviously better than sandalwood. In particular, it relieves dizziness, fatigue, or insomnia, anxiety, dreamful, and other symptoms caused by long-term fatigue.

Sandalwood is an important Chinese medicinal ingredients that has always been valued by doctors. It is said to be “Pungent, warm; belongs to spleen, stomach, heart, lung meridian; cultivates the mind, warms the spleen and stomach, stimulates appetite, and relieves pain”. External application can reduce inflammation and swelling, moisturize the skin; smouldering can sterilize and disinfect, expels plague. It removes pathogen, dryness, sterilizes, resist fungus, insects and moths. It has the effect of soothing the nerves, assisting meditation, refreshing the brain and calming the mind.

Summary: So which one is better, sandalwood or agarwood?

For me, scent is a very personal feeling. Agarwood or sandalwood, there is no saying that one is better than the other. Some people like the overflowing enthusiasm of sandalwood, while others like the reserved and gentleness of agarwood.

If you feel dizzy, nervous and stressed at work today, and the brain is unable to function properly, and you need to refresh your mind, choose Sandalwood!

If you feel uneasy, or stressed today, ignite a stick of agarwood to soothe your tension and fall sleep peacefully.

Many people have never come into contact with real sandalwood and agarwood, many are just parroting what others say, and indulging in empty talk. The world of agarwood and sandalwood is so delicate, make your final conclusion after you really explore it thoroughly!

If you wish to understand the differences between agarwood and sandalwood, you may refer to the article “7 Differences between Agarwood and Sandalwood”.

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