Can Agarwood Really Help Sleep?

Today, let us talk about a topic that many people are very interested in. Can agarwood really help improve the quality of sleep?Does Agarwood really help improving sleep quality?

First of all, we have to understand: What exactly Agarwood is?

Agarwood is not a kind of wood, but a special kind of tree. After being bitten by animals, invaded by a large number of insects and ants, or injured by man-made swords and axes, it is then infected by bacteria and microorganisms. In the hot and humid environment, the lipid glands of the tree are stimulated to secrete and gather in large quantities, forming a paste-like shape. After years of climate change and long-term aging, a condensate of mixed resin and wood components is formed, which is agarwood.

So, how can these decayed wood help improve the quality of sleep?

Many people think that lighting incense can help relax the mind and also help sleep, but they don’t know that most of the raw materials of incense are for refreshing the mind and brain. Nowadays, many young people like to use essential oil incense to relax, for example, some floral fragrances are considered by the general public to be able to relieve stress and relax their brains. Although floral scent has a relaxing effect, it tastes more aggressive and takes a little longer, which on the contrary, easier to stimulate the brain.

While agarwood is different, because the fragrance of Agarwood is subtle aroma, with a gentle and soothing scent. The fragrance released during the burning process has a calming and soothing effect, therefore agarwood is suitable to use to help sleep.

The fragrance of agarwood is relatively elegant, different from the rich and tangy fragrance of sandalwood. The scent of agarwood gives a calm and mellow feeling. This scent makes the person who smells it feel relieved, no matter how big the matter is, it seems to be so insignificant when it reaches the fragrance of agarwood. Therefore, light a stick of agarwood incense before bed, turn the burden of the day into a wisp of blue smoke and disappear with the wind, let the brain relax completely, and let the sleepiness comes to you automatically.

The scent of agarwood has acool rhyme and can make irritability calm down instantly, that’s why we often say: if you feel fuss, light a stick of agarwood incense! Agarwood can soothe irritability and anxiety, and at the same time relaxing your body and mind, soothing the tight brain nerves.

Agarwood is rich in oils, so during the burning process, the fragrance stays in the air for a longer time. For a good grade agarwood, its fragrance can even last for several days. So, light a stick of agarwood incense before bed, let her elegant secret scent accompany you to sleep well all night.

Other than just aromatherapy, agarwood is also a precious Chinese medicine, which has the functions of relieving flatulence, relieving asthma, warming the womb and warming the waist and knees. What worth mentioning is that the scent of agarwood will enter the human body through the mouth, nose and pores, which can effectively promote blood circulation and place the body in a relaxed state. Therefore, after a busy day, lighting a stick of agarwood incense will help you to relax your body and mind, and prepare yourself with a good sleep condition.

Therefore, agarwood is not only a kind of aromatherapy as presented but also uses the beneficial components overflowing from the scent to enter the human body through breathing and skin, toning the internal organs from the inside out. So, lighting an agarwood incense sure help sleep, but what we want is not just temporary, we hope that we can use the health preserving effects of agarwood to tone the body and mind, tone health, and truly, completely get rid of insomnia.

In our series of agarwood, we first recommend the Ambon Agarwood from Indonesia. This agarwood has a unique and elegant wood scent, gentle and soothing. Once lighted, the faint fragrance of green grass intangibly lingers around the tip of the nose, an indescribable sense of familiarity surrounds you as if it were a pair of warm hands, gently soothing the tense emotions. Uneasiness and anxiety, is slowly relaxed at this moment. When the body is in a completely relaxed state, sleepiness will come to you naturally …

Lighting a furnace of agarwood incense 30 minutes – 1 hour before going to bed also helps to purify the environment. You can choose to light the incense within your range of activity before bed, such as the living room, you may read a book, listen to music, and open the door of the bedroom slightly so that the fragrance can flow into the room. Incensing to help sleep does not necessarily mean burning incense while sleeping. We recommend using it before going to bed.

If you wish the scent of agarwood to be in the room, you can also adjust the burning time according to the size of the room. For a general bedroom, and if it is air-conditioned and not ventilated, it is recommended that the burning time should not exceed 30 minutes, preferably 15-20 minutes. Ensure there is ventilation in room when lighting incense, and choosing an incense that its scent is not too strong is most ideal.

Regarding the saying of agarwood does help sleep, the best way is to experience it yourself. Because everyone has different senses and smells, therefore, the same fragrance will have different effects on different people. All in all, when the room is full of fragrance and the surrounding environment becomes quiet, sleepiness will come to you naturally.