7 Major Sequelae of Insomnia

Do you know how terrible long-term insomnia is?

There are too many temptations in modern life that cause many people to stay up at night to swipe Weibo, WeChat, chatting, etc., and these insomnia are caused by human factors.

For long-term insomniac, it is very difficult to get a good night’s sleep. However, the most tormenting thing is not tossing and turning in bed, but having to deal with the sequelae caused by insomnia.

Today, the editor will give a rough understanding of the 7 major sequel caused by long-term insomnia.

7 Sequela Caused By Insomnia

1. Listless – If one didn’t sleep well the night before, he will feel less energetic when he got up the next day, eyes feel a little uncomfortable or even get a headache, and willaffect the mental state throughout the day.

2. Aging – Long-term insomnia will cause many women’s complexion dim and dark, causing dark pouches, acne, dark spots, eye bags and other aging symptoms.

3. Weak Memory – To a long-term insomniac, since the brain does not get enough rest, it causes memory loss and the mind is difficult to concentrate, therefore the brain is difficult to function normally, and hence weak memory is also the most common symptom of insomnia. Another way of saying is that insomnia makes people dumb.

4. Disease –Long-term insomniac have a weakened immune system because the body is not fully rested. The organs did not get sufficient rest and self-adjusted. These leads to endocrine disorders and various diseases.

5. Anxiety and bad temper – If you didn’t sleep well last night, then it is inevitable that you feel listless today, yawning non-stop and even suffers from headaches. Persistent insomnia makes people mind progressively worse, so they tend to lose their tempers easier, become hot-tempered and get irritated easily. Long-term insomniac may even cause anxiety or manic symptoms.

6. Hair loss, hormonal imbalanceHormonal imbalance is the most common thing for a long-term insomniac, which directly or indirectly causing the body organs to fail to function normally. Especially to that long-term insomniac that has reached a certain extent, they will experience symptoms such as hair loss, appetite loss, obesity, high blood pressure, etc.

7. Sudden death – When the body’s functions are not properly rested for a long time, the internal organs will cause various dysfunctions due to overwork, and the most severe will lead to sudden death. Therefore, more than 78% of the many sudden deaths among the young people in the world are caused by various insomnia factors.

So, never underestimate insomnia, because it may become the culprit that threatens your life.

If you suffer insomnia for one night, you might only feel dull to work on the next day.

If you suffer insomnia for 2 nights a week, you will find that your mental condition begins to get worse, and the world is much gloomy;

If you have been suffering from insomnia for more than half a year, you must face it and get rid of it from today, because insomnia is likely to be the culprit that keeps you living in the disaster for a lifetime!