9 Benefits of Burning Incense

Incense Burning Culture is extremely common, and humans have a long history of using natural incense. At the place of origin of the four ancient civilizations, the earliest use of incenses can be traced back to 3000 to 5000 years ago.

In China, it can be known from the existing historical data that humans have used spice plants since the Spring and Autumn, Warring States Period. In ancient times, people’s use of incense was extremely common, from royal families and nobles to common people. It can be said that incense is closely related in life.

Along with the continuous changes of times, people’s knowledge of incense is becoming less and less. So far as to in modern times, the Way of Incense has almost reached the state of fault, and people only use incense for religious purposes.

1. Beautifying the Environment

Agarwood is the head of the four famous incenses. Agarwood’s scentis elegant and light, has a strong diffusivity and won’t feel greasy after smelling for long hours. It has a strong repellent effect on peculiar smell in the air. Compared to air fresheners that have strong flavor and contain chemical essences, it is much healthier and natural.

2. Soothing the Mind

The Scent of Agarwood incense is gradual and long, elegant and sweet, which can effectively relieve fatigue of the brain, sooth tense nerves, make people feel relaxed and relieve depression.

3. Meditation

The scent of Agarwood is low and deep, and has a sedimentary effect. In religion, it is often used for meditation. Agarwood helps soothe and relax the mind, improve concentration, and can be said to be the first choice for meditation.

4. Worshiping and Offering

In religion, we are convinced that incense is the only bridge that can communicate with Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, because only smoke rises in a curled manner.Incense can reach the Three Realms and can convey people’s respect for Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Therefore, in major offering or religious activities, incense has always been the only indispensable offering.

5. Health Preservation

The use of incense as medicine is a wonderful heritage from ancient times to present. According to the incense spectrum – Compendium of Material Medica, it can be found that ancient people add herbs to incense and burned them to preserve health through incensing. During the burning process, the medicinal properties are volatilized in the air, and its tiny molecules enter the human body through the body pores, mouth and nose and play a certain health preserving effect. Agarwood is especially effective to help the metabolism of toxins in the liver and kidneys, and enhance human immunity.

6. Sterilisation and Deinsectization

Natural Agarwood is rich in sesquiterpenes and chromone compounds. These ingredients have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects and can sterilize harmful bacterial in the air, making indoor air fresher and safer. Chinese herbal medicines such as Wormwood, cloves, cinnamon, etc. have also been proved to be effective in inhibiting the spread of gems and have been incinerated in large numbers in places with epidemics or infectious diseases.

7. Soothing the Emotion

When you are stressful at work, Burn an Agarwood Incense to relieve tension;

When you feel drowsy after lunch, Burn a Sandalwood incense to effectively refresh your mind and improve work efficiency.

When making tea, burn an incense, the combination of tea scent and agarwood scent, they complement each other, cheering the heart and composing the mind.

The ancients burn incense when playing lute, and the scent appends red sleeves, which is not only pleasing to the eyes, but also contributing to one’s peace of mind of inner tranquility.

8. Improving the Magnetic Field

Natural incenses have the effect of purifying the air, sterilizing and removing impurities, and agarwood and sandalwood is the top incense. It takes decades, even centuries for agarwood and sandalwood to become scented. They absorbed the essence of heaven and earth, and can release the function of dispelling negative energy. Therefore, if a place often burns sandalwood or agarwood incense, it will emit positive energy, which can effectively enhance and improve the magnetic field.

9. Improve Sleep Quality and Fight Depression

Agarwood has a cooling scent and smells very elegant. It has no strong scent that makes people feel excited. It has a calming effect. It can effectively relieve fatigue and stress of the brain, improve neurasthenia, and at the same time allow the blood to circulate around body, making the body and mind to reach a state of balance and improve the quality of sleep.

Other than being used for worshiping, incense has many other benefits, but the premise is that the incense must be natural incense. Most of those in the markets are chemical incenses. Long-term use of chemical incense will cause discomfort to the skin, nose or breathing, and even more serious, it may cause cancer.

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